The Webb Dock Access improvements will better connect freight from Webb Dock to the freeway network. It will make it easier and safer for trucks to enter the Bolte Bridge and free up space and help traffic flow on the M1.

The Webb Dock Access improvements are the first works to commence on the Western Distributor project and will support the Port of Melbourne’s $1.6 billion Port Capacity Project. The CityLink Tulla Widening project will deliver these works on behalf of the Western Distributor project.

Map showing the locations of the Web Dock Access works (see below for details)

Location of Web Dock Access improvements

These improvements complement the upgrade of Cook Street currently being completed by VicRoads. These works are widening Cook Street from one to two lanes in each direction between Todd Road and the West Gate Freeway.

What's involved

Transurban Webb Dock Access east works

  1. Redesigned ramp to Bolte Bridge

    A new ramp will be built with a gentler curve to reduce the risk of truck roll-overs.

  2. New connection from Cook Street to Bolte Bridge

    A new lane from Cook Street to the Bolte Bridge ramp will provide direct access for freight heading north.

  3. Intersection upgrade

    The Cook Street / Salmon Street intersection will be upgraded and signalised

VicRoads Webb Dock Access west works

  1. Widened Cook Street

    An additional lane will be added in each direction between Todd Road and the West Gate Freeway

What are the benefits?

The Webb Dock access improvements will:

  • improve safety on the Bolte Bridge entry ramp, reducing the risk of truck roll-overs and their associated costly delays which can be felt across the freeway network
  • improve traffic flow and safety for motorists and trucks travelling between the West Gate Freeway and the Bolte Bridge
  • provide a quicker and more efficient route for freight that is unaffected by traffic volumes on the M1
  • reduce weaving and merging on the freeway, a major cause of congestion.


October 2016

Workers and drivers in the Cook Street/Salmon Street area will have noticed a new work site set up next to the existing Cook Street/Salmon Street roundabout.

In mid to late November, local workers and drivers will start to see construction crews remove the existing Cook Street/Salmon Street roundabout to make room for a new signalised intersection that will be completed by early-mid 2017, weather permitting. Prior to these works commencing, new traffic management will be installed along Cook Street to facilitate works. These changes will include temporarily changing a section of Cook Street to one way access only (east to west direction) and temporarily removing some car parks on Vegemite Way.

Crews will also start widening a section of Cook Street between Gateway Court and Salmon Street to build a new lane for vehicles entering the West Gate Freeway. These works will be completed by December 2016, weather permitting.

Between October and December, workers will build a new maintenance access track next to the existing Bolte Bridge entry ramp. This track will enable our workers and machinery to build a new redesigned ramp, with works to start in December 2016 and finish in June 2017.

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